How Can I Solve The ESP/ASR Problem in My Peugeot?

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A lot of people have brought Lions to me for diagnosis & repairs, only to be informed that their newly acquired Lions were running with wrong or tampered Engine ECUs and BSI units or abused wiring harnesses which make their Lions undrivable or with horrible issues.

A lot of people have purchased lions with engines, transmissions or suspensions that were against their original wants in cars because of no professional guidance or explanation of available engines, transmissions or suspensions that would have best serve their wants in Peugeot models they are interested in.

I can prevent these nightmares for you when choosing a used Peugeot Vehicle to acquire, Foreign or Nigerian used . I will search for Lion model of your choosing or you are interested in, inspect and recommend good ones worth purchasing till you pick one that satisfies you, based on my findings from inspections of them in Abuja or environs. You can choose to utilize my knowledge on these Peugeot Vehicles to get a sound clean used Lion of your dream or you choose other options available to you.

If your desire is to have private consultations with a Peugeot specialist like me on lion's maintainance tips, how to avoid abusing lions or how to keep a lion in good condition throughout your ownership of the vehicle, from time to time, until you get hang of it, then this consultancy services will serve you as well.

Likewise, this service is available for those interested in buying Brand New Peugeot Vehicles as well. Now, you get to know all trims and specifications available for a particular model of new Peugeot vehicle you are interested in, by interpreting for you the features, engines, transmissions and specifications available for the Peugeot model you are interested in, to help you choose which one best suit your purpose, need or want in a new Peugeot.

The charge for Pre-purchase inspection is per a Peugeot vehicle, which also includes private consultation on maintenance tips and other clarifications on the model you request for, from time to time.

If you have a particular Peugeot vehicle in mind that you already want to purchase and the lion is very far or not in Abuja city and you need the lion to be physically inspected before purchase, note that this service does not cover it. If the location of the vehicle you would want me to inspect for you is outside Abuja city, the client will have to pay for the transportation (to & fro), if I choose/decide to go out of Abuja city for the inspection which this service doesn't cover.

I also carry out verification of custom papers for authenticity, for Peugeot Vehicles clients are interested in, when a client request for the verification of the custom papers and the payments (the small fee for the verification is to be paid by the client).

However, if all you need is advice and guide on getting a good Peugeot vehicle in good condition, what to look out for if you have to inspect the lion by yourself, full interpretation of the lion specifications, how to detect a severe abused lion on sale or you need a private consultation on review of Peugeot vehicle(s) you are considering to buy, to help you understand them and make your choice, then this service will serve you on that option too. But if you are not comfortable with the above listed conditions, then don't pay or request for this service.

Note that if after reading this or contacting me privately after I have sent you this terms of service and you choose not to use the service to do your vehicle purchase for whatever reason and the newly purchased Peugeot vehicle starts giving you nightmares or headaches after the purchase, I will not attend to you privately if you try to get this service for free from me, since you made your choice to risk it.

- Consultancy/Pre-purchase Inspection fee: *N30,000.00 (Thirty Thousand Naira).* It's Non-negotiable, Non-refundable & it's pay before service.

- Contact details:
Phone/WhatsApp number: +2348095721703.
Email address:

*The conditions are subject to change.

However, if you want my expert advice or information to your questions or queries for FREE, visit my YouTube channel below, and search for them, using video titles related to information you seek for:.

*Lion King - Monk.*
Peugeot Expert
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