FORD 1.6 TDCI / PSA 1.6 HDI Timing belt and water pump replacement 2012 Cmax

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Step by step guide on how to Replace the Timing belt & water pump on a Ford C max 2012 model 1.6 diesel TDCI. Engine code T1DA
Same procedure applies for the same engine in the Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo & Mazda etc. In the Peugeot & Citroen the same Engine classes as the 1.6 HDI. Also same as 1.4 HDI / 1.4 TDCI / 1.5 TDCI Engines
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Tools used :
1/2” 18v Dewalt impact driver -
Milwaukee 3/8 Drive Mini Impact driver -
Milwaukee Battery ratchet -
Trim clip tool set -
Digital torque wrench -
Socket set -
Ring Inspection Lamp -
Torque Wrench -
Torx Socket set -
1/2" Air impact driver -
Spanner set -
Allen key set -
Pry bar set -
Trolley jack -

Torque settings :
Crank pulley = Stage 1 - 35NM Stage 2 - 190 Degrees
Tensioner = 30NM
Idler pulley = 37NM
Engine mount (horizontal bolts) = 55NM
Engine mount (vertical bolts) = 48NM

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