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I am building a kitchen camping box for my station wagon. I use the station wagon as an everyday car and wanted to make something special out of it. So I put a roof tent on the roof of the car and started to build an extendable kitchen box.
The camping box has a sink with a 10-litre water tank, an electrical supply with sockets and an extendable table. The entire box can also be pulled out using heavy-duty pull-outs.
I built the box completely on my own. It took me a total of 7 days. However, I divided the work up because I didn't always have time for it. My boyfriend helped me with some of the work, which was also great. Accepting help is not easy, but you should learn to do it.
We have been on many holidays with the minivan and think the idea of a minivan with a camping box is really great. I hope you can rebuild this box with this video if you want to. It's possible, even for non-professionals. Have fun!

Here you can find products that I have used:

► watertank*:
► waterpump*:
► sink*:​
► faucet*: not recommended...
►big pull-out*:​
► samll pull out for the table*:
► Jackery powerstation*:
► Jackery solarpanel*:
► drag chain:

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