2022 Peugeot 3008 Expert Review

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This is the lightly facelifted second generation 3008 – a car that was already rather better than its puddingy predecessor. The original 3008 clumsily attempted to rival Qashqais and Tiguans and categorically failed at winning the attention of anyone who cared one iota about their car possessing any dynamic or technological nous.

The new one couldn’t feel much different. From the outside it’s a truly striking thing, and the facelift has brought a new frameless grille similar to that of the 508 saloon, as well as aggressive lights at the front and rear. Early offers of the two-tone colour scheme that aped the 308 GTI hot hatch appear to have been rescinded, though. In its place is a brand-new ‘Black Pack’ styling option for the top spec GT and GT Premium trim levels.

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